A way to cope with trauma and emotional distress

A way to cope with trauma and emotional distress

At the shelter, all of the women have been through traumatic experiences. A trauma occurs when we are in situations that  are perceived as life threatening and we feel helpless. Such an excruciating fear can come back to haunt you for the rest of your life, but that does not mean that it cannot be treated.

One of the treatments you can do for an instantaneous change when recalling the traumas is called "The trauma tapping technique". The technique was originally evolved to heal the victims of war, among other child soldiers, but has expanded throughout the world. Even though I was sceptic at first, since it seemed a bit odd, I tried it myself and can truthfully agree with that it works. Therefore I taught it the women today, who really could take advantage of it. But this technique can be used by so many more. As stated, traumas are individual and furthermore is this an excellent way to for example cope with a panic/anxiety attack. 

When the memories comes back of the traumatic experience, our body react instantly with the brain as a starting point where our most primitive parts of the brain initiate a "fight och flight" response (as if we in the present are experiencing danger). Our heart rate and blood pressure increases, adrenaline releases, and so on. In short: Your body and mind starts a reaction in order to stress for survival. The memories of traumatic experiences often get stuck in the mind. By using trauma tapping technique, you can use the body to heal your mind. You can do it on yourself or you can let someone do it to you. Does take about 10-15 minutes - I really urge you to learn more about it and to spread awareness about it to people in need. 

When unwanted memories come back that initiate the body to respond, start doing the following tapping on the picture (1-14). After that, take 2 deep breaths, and continue once again if it has not been effective yet)


Video to demonstrate the tapping: http://peacefulheart.se/videos/trauma-tapping-technique-how-to/

Read and learn more at: http://peacefulheart.se