A book tip about the importance of empowering women

A book tip about the importance of empowering women

After I decided to go volunteering, this book fell in to my lap by coincidence. To my surprise, the book was regarding just those issues that had motivated me to go volunteering in the first place to empower women and give more humans the opportunity to education.


The book "Half the Sky" is written by two prominent (both Pulitzer Prize winners) journalists, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

It brings together the reality of some women's lives from all over the world with facts and numbers about the issue in a well-balanced way. After reading this book, you can easily get a more adequate understanding of these issues and the width of them - and how we together can put and end to them.

I strongly recommend you to read this book, see the documentary or to do both. Regardless if you end up not admiring the book as much as I (and the other at least half a million people who bought it the year it was published) it is an extremely well-written book that combines facts with real life stories. 

Beneath is the trailer for the documentary (that involves numerous celebrities, watch and see), which will in brief present you to the issues brought up in the book and documentary.

To see the full documentary:

The authors have this year released their second book on the topic called "A Path Appears". The sequel has also been very successful and was also followed by a documentary. Find the trailer and the full documentary here:  "A Path Appears" - The Film